11 Weird Facts About Arya Stark – Game of thrones

11 Weird Facts About Arya Stark – Game of thrones

11 Weird Facts About Arya Stark – Game of thrones: Arya Stark is one of the best-loved Game of Thrones characters. She is a tough, resilient young girl who has survived on her own while traveling through Westeros and seeing the worst humanity has to offer. Even if Arya is your favorite of the Stark siblings,  there are still a lot of facts that you may not have known about this pint-sized hero.

11. Academia

Believe it or not, there are multiple colleges and universities that teach classes on Game of Thrones! Arya is a huge subject in all of these classes because of how her character challenges female stereotypes.


10. Scaredy Cat

Despite the fact that Arya is quite violent herself, Williams dislikes the graphic content on the show, and has been known to cover her eyes while watching. Um, sorry about the Red Wedding, Maisie.

Scaredy Cat
BRISTOL, ENGLAND – JANUARY 21: Maisie Williams attends the Bristol premiere of ‘Early Man’ at Showcase Cinema de Lux Bristol on January 21, 2018 in Bristol, England. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

9. Miss Independent

Even at a young age, Arya knew that she hated the idea of growing up just to get married off to a Lord. She wanted to be independent, and was bored with traditionally feminine activities. This caused some friction with her older sister Sansa, who is desperate to be seen as a lady. Even so, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, the actresses who play Arya and Sansa, are close friends in real life.

Game of Throne, HBO

8. Sisters

Williams and Turner got matching tattoos that say “07.08.09,” which is the date they both found out they got the parts on Game of Thrones.

7. Odd One out

Arya forms a strong relationship with her (alleged) half-brother, Jon Snow. Jon gives her a sword that is small and thin, which she names Needle.

6. Cat Lady

In the books, Arya spent a lot of her time playing with stray cats around The Red Keep in-between her lessons with sword master Syrio Forel. She would try to keep up with them and chase them around. This actually contributed to her sword training, making her faster and more agile.

cat lady Arya

5. Pupper

Arya and the rest of the Stark children get their own direwolf puppies. Arya names her wolf “Nymeria” after a woman who sailed 10,000 ships and became the ruler of Dorne.

Game of Throne, HBO

4. Like Father, Like Daughter

Out of all of the Stark children, Arya resembles her father Ned the most. In the books, her face is described as being long and horse-like, even though in the TV series actress Maisie Williams is cute as a button.

Arya with her father
Game of Thrones, HBO

3. Family Name

Ned Stark named Arya after his grandmother on his mother’s side. Her name was Arya Flint, and she lived in the northern mountain clans.

Arya Stark - Game of Throne, HBO

2. Undercover

In the TV series, soon after the death of her father, Arya decides to cut her hair and pretend that she is a boy; she becomes Tywin Lannister’s cupbearer after Lannister recognizes she has disguised herself. In the books, she serves Roose Bolton instead.

little arya

1. Drinking the Kool Aid

Though the Faceless Men are mysterious, we do know some things about them. For one, they’re ancient, and have been around since before the Doom of Valyria. The Faceless Men consider themselves servants of the Many-Faced God, and grew out of a group of slaves who worked in the mines and worshipped different gods of death, who they eventually consolidated into the Many-Faced God. The Faceless Men started by giving death’s “gift” to suffering slaves, but quickly moved on to give the gift of death to their cruel masters, becoming skilled assassins.

Game of Throne, HBO

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