The 2018 Women’s Baseball World Cup begins: The MLB postseason is still more than a month away, but don’t worry: if you need some intense, elimination-based baseball in your life, the Women’s Baseball World Cup is here. It begins on Wednesday, August 22, and will culminate in a championship game on August 31.

There are six games today, with a pair at 10 a.m. ET (Japan vs. the Dominican Republic and Venezuela vs. Chinese Tapei), another pair at 2 p.m. (Canada vs. Hong Kong and Australia vs. Cuba), then two more at 6 p.m. (Netherlands vs. South Korea, United States vs. Puerto Rico). The games will be streamed online at USSSA, and we’ve got the full schedule for the tournament ready for your perusal as well. That also explains just how the format for this World Cup works, so get clicking and reading and learning.

Japan is the favorite, as this Baseball America story explains. The tournament is being held in America for the first time ever, with Team USA ranked third in the pre-Cup rankings: there’s a real chance they can win it all, even if Japan hasn’t let anyone else win these tournaments for quite some time.

Not everyone loves the way baseball is played today, and this isn’t meant in some “back in my day” effort-level argument. It’s more about the nature of the game in 2018, and worth reading even if you might disagree.

The O’s rebuild should begin in their outfield, writes Camden Chat.

The O’s rebuild should begin in their outfield, writes Camden Chat.

Let’s Go Tribe wonders why Cleveland has been so good after the All-Star break in recent seasons.

Here’s a look at how the new extra-innings rules have worked in the minors, and if we could see them in the majors someday.

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