343 Industries Confirms That Halo Infinite Will Take Place On Zeta Halo

In a new interview with GamesRadar, 343 Industries studio head Chris Lee confirmed that Halo Infinite will be set on the ring world of Zeta Halo now under the control of The Banished led by War Chief Escharum. Known as Halo Installation 07, this ancient Forerunner superweapon was at one point home to a race of humans in author Greg Bear’s Forerunner Trilogy of novels, and is the only surviving ring of the original 12 that were created.

“Halo Infinite will be set on Zeta Halo,” Lee explained. “We want to create something that’s familiar, but different. The TACMAP gives you an idea of the size and scale, and some of the objectives that you will find in Halo Infinite. It gives players a lot of choice and freedom as they play through the world. You’ll be running into objectives, setting points on your map, and kind of navigating and exploring as you go.”

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