50 Cent Criticized Game of Thrones Said “Fuck You And Your Flying Dragons”: 50 Cent‘s hit Starz show Power is coming out this summer. This is final season of the show and it will be better than the extremely popular final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

A few days ago, rapper disclose that sixth and final season of Starz show Power would be coming to an end after the next season, which airs on 25th of August. He also took some moment and commented on Game of Thrones’ final season.

He said, “Power Season 6 is gonna blow you away, GAME OF THRONES ain’t got SHIT ON ME,” he captioned a photo of himself on Instagram. “Shoe program nigga.”

This post got under some Thrones fans’ skin. One decided to photoshop 50’s face onto one of the show’s characters as a joke. Fif responded slightly angrily on Instagram on Saturday (May 11). “This shit ain’t nothing but hating ass game of throne fans sit there with too much time on there hands mad because. POWER is #1,” he captioned the prank pic. “Fuck you and your flying dragons. We on some real life shit hoe.”

Though Power is on its final season, the story is not over. According to 50, there is related content in the works. “Augs25 starts Season 6 is the final season of POWER,” he wrote on IG. “I have 4 spinoff shows coming so don’t trip Starz #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac.”

Check out 50 Cent’s assessment of Power vs Game of Thrones below.

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