7 Rare Facts About Ajay Devgn , Must Know! #Happybirthday

7 Rare Facts About Ajay Devgn , Must Know! #Happybirthday

On the occasion of Ajay Devgn’s 50th birthday, we bring to you a list of some reasons why all of India loves the superstar so much.

  1. Prioritises his family life

Ajay, much like his best films, likes to keep more serious in life as well. However, whenever he is with his family, a smile is always on his face. He has proven to be an amazing husband to Kajol and an amazing father to his kids. Ajay often posts pictures of his family on Instagram. Though most of his time goes in trolling Kajol, he also showers his daughter Nyasa and son Yug in love.

  1. Proud of his career journey 

The actor has spent more than 25 years in the industry, and he expresses that it has been a very smooth journey. He states how time passes faster when you love something you are doing. He has loved every part of his journey in Bollywood and to him it feels as though it was only yesterday when he started shooting for his first film.

  1. Respects his parents’ role in his success

Ajay Devgn’s parents have been a constant support in his life and the actor doesn’t shy away from talking about their contributions. He stated that all the credit for his incredibly smooth journey goes to his parents, as his mother showed him the right path always and his father made him value hard work above else.

Ajay Devgn 50th Birthday
  1. Never attended an award show

Ajay Devgn has never attended an award show, just like Aamir Khan, even though he has received many such awards.He believes that none of them are honest award shows, so, whoever performs gets the award and this tipped him off. According to him, they want to sell their shows to channels and promise them there will be big stars on the show. 

  1. The variety of his film choices

The actor was usually known for his intense, brooding looks, and the equally intense roles, as well the action films that he did. But what is not known to a lot of people is that the actor loves to do light hearted comedies for which, he collaborates with Rohit Shetty and the two do their best to make people laugh.

  1. Splurges on what he wants 

Ajay Devgn doesn’t mind splurging. The actor was one of the first Bollywood celebrities to own a private jet for transport to shooting locations, promotions and for his personal trips.

  1. Recipient of highly reputed awards

The actor has given many award winning performances throughout his career, but he is one of the super talented actors who has also received the national award, not once, but twice! The first movie that he received the award for was Zakhm, and the second film was ‘The Legend Of Bhagat Singh’. His power packed performances seem to promise a hat trick.

So, Happy Birthday to Ajay Devgn from the Ydraft team. We wish him and his family health and happiness. 

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