AAA Devs Say 2000 People Working On One Game Isn’t At All Unusual

If you played The Last Of Us 2 to completion and then sat through the credits, you may have got some idea of how many people it takes to make a game of that size. As recently reported by VG247, the exact number is 2332 people–that is 2169 developers credited and 163 extra “thanks”.

Those people aren’t all employed at Naughty Dog, of course, but involve workers at 14 other studios outsourcing certain work. That includes two studios brought in to help with sound–one for general sounds and one specifically for weaponry and combat–and the remaining 12 external studios helping with the game’s art in various forms.

While it’s impressive to think about the mammoth effort that brought TLOU2 to life, AAA devs on Twitter have suggested that that’s not exactly unusual. In a response to VG247’s tweet of this story EA’s Sam Sharma, who’s also worked at Guerilla Games and Ubisoft, said “if you’re surprised at this, boy do I have stories for you about AAA game dev.”

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