Airlines Demand Hit By Coronavirus: Singapore Airport Shut for 18 months

Airlines Demand Hit By Coronavirus: Singapore Airport Shut for 18 months

Another drastic measure has been taken due to the pandemic of COVID-19 as Singapore suspends the operations of the 2nd terminal of Changi Aiport from the beginning of May for 18 months.

The government has been forced to take this action following the sharp drop in passenger traffic due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

“We will save on running costs for the airport operator, retail tenants, airlines and ground handlers,” Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan told Parliament on Monday, explaining the plans to halt operations at the airport’s terminal 2 from May 1.

One terminal is enough to handle the current traffic at the airport, he said.

Changi airport is Singapore’s main civilian airport with 4 terminals and is also one of the largest transportation sites in Asia.

With the suspension of terminal 2, airlines will be reallocated in the remaining terminals and Singapore Airlines (SIA) will be consolidating its operations in terminal 3, The Strait Times reported.

Last month, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat had said that the number of passengers arriving at the airport fell by more than 90 per cent and this reduced demand arising from the outbreak and travel restrictions worldwide also hit SIA hard with the carrier cutting 96 per cent of its scheduled flights till end of April.

“Right now, one terminal is enough to handle the current volume of demand. We can close down one or two terminals. But we must think about post-pandemic recovery,” the minister said.

Due to the spread of coronavirus across the world, Air travel demand has fallen down severely and thus, severely affecting not just the Changi Airport, but many others.

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