Amitabh Bachchan Slams Troll Who Said Actor Must Have Taken Money From Amul For Getting Featured

Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan has received a special tribute advertisement from dairy brand Amul Butter after testing COVID-19 negative and being discharged from hospital. Keeping with their tradition of creating iconic advertisements about incidents of national and global value, the dairy giants have now created an ad that serves as a “homecoming gift” to the actor. However, one of the users trolled him that he was paid for the advertisement.

The person had commented in Hindi, “Kam se kam muft mein toh amulya nahin banen honge… tay rakam li hogi. Saal dar saal badhi hogi (In the process of making you invaluable, they must have given you a fair amount of money, which must have grown with each passing year).”

Taking to his blog, Amitabh Bachchan shared screenshots of his conversation with the said troll and mocked him by saying “… and the ‘graciousness’ of the comment went as follows …”.

Big B hit back at the troll by writing that he had never campaigned for Amul. He replied in Hindi, “Bahut badi galat faimi mein chal rahen hain aap, miyan. Jab sach na maloom ho toh aapne swachh mukh ko swachh rakhiye. Na toh main Amul ko endorse karta hoon aur na kabhi kiya hain. Teer chalaane se pehle soch samajh lena chahiye, nahin toh woh aap pe hi aakar geerenge, jaise ki abb hua hai. Teer ki jagah jo mahawraa iss vishaye par woh kisi aur padaarth ka varnan karta hai. Meri sabhya parvarish ne mujhe uss ka varnan karne se rokk diya”.

Big B posted a picture of the advertisement in which he sits on a sofa, checking his phone. The iconic Amul girl stands by him. “AB beats C… Homecoming gift,” goes the punchline.

On August 2, Amitabh was discharged from the hospital after testing negative for COVID-19. Confirming the news, his son, actor Abhishek Bachchan, tweeted: “My father, thankfully, has tested negative on his latest Covid-19 test and has been discharged from the hospital. He will now be at home and rest. Thank you all for all your prayers and wishes for him.”

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