Animal Crossing Fans Are Drawing KK Slider On Their Favorite Real-Life Album Covers

KK Slider has been a standout element of the Animal Crossing series ever since its first incarnation on GameCube. However, ever since New Leaf added album covers to each of KK’s jams, players have delighted in collecting them all, and the recently-released New Horizons is no exception. Now, fans of the series are reimagining famous album covers with KK as the focus, and the resulting art is interesting, to say the least.

We’ve collected a few of our favorites below. The albums include Joanne by Lady Gaga, Blinding Lights by The Weeknd, April Fools by the Scary Jokes, Queen II by Queen, and The Money Store by Death Grips.

This isn’t the only KK-adjacent content that Animal Crossing fans have produced. On YouTube, you can find many remixes to popular songs that use KK’s unique style, such as Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy or Earth, Wind, and Fire’s September. In other Animal Crossing news, the game’s upcoming Nature Day event will introduce two new merchants to the game, the flower-hawking sloth Leif and the art dealer Redd. The update also adds a new wing to your museum, which will give you a place to store all that new art you buy.

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