Animal Crossing: How To Find Gulliver’s Communicator Parts And Rusted Parts

Gulliver is one of many special visitors that will randomly come to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Unlike many of the other visitors, Gulliver doesn’t buy or sell anything; he’s a castaway, and he needs your help repairing his communicator so his shipmates can find him again. He asks you to find five communicator parts along the beach, and if you do that, he’ll send you a rare item in the mail the next day. But how do you actually find them? And what do rusted parts have to do with all this?

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When And Where Does Gulliver Show Up?

Gulliver is one of the random visitors in New Horizons, meaning he can show up on any given day so long as there isn’t another visitor or event going on (like the Fishing Tourney). There are no special prerequisites you need to meet before he’ll visit.

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