Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adds Tripping

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ latest patch, Update 1.4.0, added dreams, fireworks, and the ability to back up your save. The update also quietly added another feature to the game; tripping.

With the latest update, your villager will occasionally eat dirt while sprinting across your island. This feature, combined with a new DIY item King Tut’s mask, have led Animal Crossing players to speculate that a luck system might be coming to the game. The King Tut mask causes players to trip more frequently while wearing it, and in past games tripping more frequently was caused by having a bad luck day.

In prior games, having good or bad luck would impact how your days go. On bad luck days, the money rock would be stingier, villagers would be less likely to bond with you, and you would fall on your face more often. The opposite would occur on good luck days, and one of the ways of knowing which kind of day you were going to have was by getting a fortune from Katrina.

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