Animal Crossing: New Horizons Shrubs — How To Get, How To Plant, All Types

With the April 23 update, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has introduced Leif, the friendly gardening sloth. Leif will periodically visit your island to sell rare flower seeds as well as the newly added shrubs. While shrubs do bloom flowers, they work differently to the regular flowers you have on your island. We outline everything you need to know about shrubs below.

While Leif’s arrival also signals the start of the new Nature Day event, shrubs aren’t exclusive to Nature Day. Leif has been added to the rotating cast of special visitors that can come to your island on any given day, so keep an eye out for him. For more gardening tips in New Horizons, be sure to read our full hybrid flower crossbreeding guide.

How Do Shrubs Work?

While shrubs in New Horizons bloom like flowers and include various types of flowers, like azaleas and hydrangeas, they don’t work quite like the regular flowers you’re used to. Unlike regular flower plants, shrubs are solid, meaning you can’t walk through them. They’re also seasonal, meaning they’ll only bloom during specific parts of the year; for the rest of the year, they’ll just be a plain bush.

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