Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp New Update and Offering Free Month’s Subscription

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp New Update and Offering Free Month’s Subscription

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has always received mixed reviews from the gaming community. The mobile version of this PC game released first in Australia in November 2017. The game released in 41 other countries worldwide a month later.

However, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is under public scrutiny again, after Nintendo released its new update.

Features of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update

The most notable feature of this new update is that Nintendo has added AR effects to the game. The AR Camera feature allows players to place characters and features from the game in real-life places and photograph them. Furthermore, the update also includes an AR Cabin feature. This allows players to decorate a cabin virtually with characters or items of their choice. They can then view them using the augmented reality feature of the game.

Additionally, Nintendo announced that this new update also includes a lot more space for furniture and campsites with items placed in them. They are also offering a month’s free subscription to the “Furniture and Fashion” plan, which usually costs about $7.99/month.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, the players of the game did not think so.

Players are furious with this new update

The new update of Pocket Camp requires higher system requirements, so the previous versions of the game are now unusable unless you have a compatible device.

In the case of iOS, the game requires at least iOS version 11 to run, as opposed to the earlier requirement of iOS 9. Furthermore, Android users require Android 5 along with a 64-bit device, whereas earlier the game required Android 4.4 to run.

This did not sit well with most players in the community, who made their complaints heard all over Nintendo and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s official Twitters.

“Highkey dumb that just because of the ar camera players aren’t able to play pocket camp? how hard is it to just avoid that one part if the phone isn’t compatible? at least let them play the game minus that feature,” read one comment on the post by Nintendo.

What are your views about this update? Let us know in the comments section.

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