Apex Legends Season 5 Character Is Loba, Confirming Fan Speculation

Apex Legends developer Respawn has released a brand-new animated Stories from the Outlands, titled Legacy of a Thief, which not only confirms that Loba Andrade is the young girl that Revenant orphaned in the Season 4: Assimilation launch trailer, but also that the talented thief is the next playable character coming to Apex Legends in Season 5. You can watch Legacy of a Thief below.

Like Octane, Wattson, Crypto, and Revenant before her, Loba was datamined prior to her official reveal–leading to fan speculation that she would ultimately become a playable legend in Respawn’s battle royale game. However, there always was a nugget of doubt, given that Respawn included character files for Forge as a smokescreen to trick dataminers into thinking he would be Season 4’s new character.

Loba’s abilities haven’t been detailed yet. However, on the Apex Legends website, Respawn describes the legend as, “Stylish, sophisticated, and resourceful, whatever Loba wants, she takes. Good luck stopping her.” So her passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities could have something to do with finding and/or stealing loot–which would probably be a powerful addition to a battle royale game. That’s all conjecture though as, again, there’s no official word on what her abilities are.

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