Apex Legends Teases Yet Another Robot Character

The rumor mill is currently filled with Apex Legends theories due to a mysterious tweet from the official Twitter account. The tweet contains a GIF that seems to reference a simulacrum, a robotic soldier from Respawn’s other first person shooter series Titanfall.

In the Titanfall universe, the simulacrum, or simulacra, are robotic soldiers fitted with human minds that are created by Hammond Robotics and Vinson Dynamics. These human minds have been uploaded into the robot bodies, which can be considered a form of transhumanism. The simulacra fit somewhere on the robotic spectrum between androids and cyborgs, with the element of having a human mind separating them from other mechanical beings.

Personalities and memories are even transferred over, meaning that the new character can still possibly have some personality and backstory to add to the Apex Legends lore.

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