Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sues YouTube for allowing bitcoin scams

Renowned Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has filed a charge against Google, specifically YouTube, because the platform has ignored his requests. Apparently, they are using his name to commit bitcoin scams. According to Bloomberg, Steve Wozniak and 17 other affected accounts have filed a lawsuit against YouTube as the video platform is allowing scams with BTC and fraudulent messages on his name to be carried out, despite repeated requests from them to eliminate those bogus campaigns.

Apple claims on YouTube’s Bitcoin scam

The lawsuit was filed on July 21 in San Mateo County, California. Wozniak points out that Google is “unapologetically hosting and directly benefiting from similar scams”. In this regard, the plaintiffs ask the court to act to have YouTube remove videos regarding cryptocurrency scams, as well as offer compensation.

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Attorneys for the Apple co-founder allege that “tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies have been lost through this scam”. And YouTube should be held accountable for not preventing it. “If YouTube had acted quickly to stop this in a reasonable measure, we would not be here now”, they added.

These scams are very similar to those made by hackers who attacked Twitter last week, where they captured some of the platform’s famous verified accounts to promote sweepstakes scam of bitcoin. In fact, the lawyers put the Twitter case as an example of what YouTube should have done. “When Twitter was the victim of a massive hacking of 130 celebrity accounts, they acted quickly and put an end to this scam in one day”.

Wozniak is not the only known face of the technological scene that is being used for these scams on YouTube. Bill Gates and Elon Musk also appear in these types of videos. It is worth noting that platforms like YouTube can evade responsibility for these acts under the Federal Communications Decency Law. It establishes that providers cannot be held responsible for the content published by the user on their platforms.