Apple’s new iPhone 2018 could match one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s

Apple’s new iPhone 2018 could match one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s

Apple’s new iPhone 2018 could match one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s biggest and most popular features, according to a new report.

Apple is widely rumored to be planning the release of three new iPhone models later this year.

One is said to be a direct successor to the iPhone X, another will be larger and the third will be a cheaper variant with fewer premium features.

A video recently emerged of alleged prototype units for the trio of devices.

Prominent YouTuber Marques Brownlee recently insisted the next iPhone X will keep the same 5.8-inch screen size while the larger model will come in at 6.5-inches.

He also showed off supposed dummy models of Apple’s forthcoming smartphone lineup.

He added the cheaper iPhone model will also feature an all-screen design and have a 6.1-inch panel.

TrendForce, a market intelligence firm, reiterated such rumors and insisted the budget iPhone model could have an LCD display rather than the OLED present in the current iPhone X.

This could allow Apple to radically reduce the price of such a device.

But it appears the new iPhone X model and its bigger brother could match one of the Galaxy Note 9’s best features.

TrendForce predicted both phones will be available in 512GB models which would be the same as currently present in the more premium model of Samsung’s latest phablet.

The firm emphasized the two devices will also be available in 256GB and 64GB variants.

But such a move from Apple would directly challenge its South Korean rival.

During the announcement of the Note 9, the tech giant was keen to tout the greatly improved storage as a reason to upgrade.

One model of the Note 9 comes with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM while the other touts 512GB and 8GB of RAM.

The company had poked fun at other devices with less memory that forced users to delete items to free up space in the build-up to the phablet’s unveiling.

In addition to bringing a monstrous amount of internal memory, the latest batch of iPhone X models was said to feature 4GB of RAM by the market intelligence company.

Meanwhile, the cheaper iPhone was only said to come in 64GB and 256GB options and with 3GB of RAM.

Such a move would presumably be made by Apple to make the other iPhone models feel more premium and justify their higher price tags.

Apple fans eagerly awaiting the announcement of new iPhone models will not have to wait long – the company is expected to follow tradition by having a hardware event in September.

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