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Are you approved by Jaffree Star?



Are you approved by Jaffree Star?

Jeffree star! The famed beauty guru who loves dragging his fraternity and is simply not apologetic for it claims to be honest and blunt about his opinions for makeup brands. Luxury or drugstore if you are not Jeffree Star approved you’ll be dragged despite the big name you have in the market!

We are gonna have a look at “ 5 times Jeffree dragged Brands and Beauty Gurus like a pro!”

Shading Jerrod Blandino!

Yeah! You read this right. Jerrod “ who once owned Too faced cosmetics” which is now owned by Estee Lauder was dragged by Jeffree.

This all started when Jeffree defended tart with a little scandal video and in retaliation Jarrod and his sister tainted Jeffree which by the way became a social media Fiasco!

So throwing light on this mess, Jeffree started dragging Jarrod’s sister, as he went on to say “ His sister who I don’t know if she has anything to do with the brand or SHE JUST USES HIM FOR MONEY”!

Now, this is some BRUTAL SARCASM! But hey don’t we just love this trolling machine? Jeffree has so much to offer!



HUDA BEAUTY! (Image: YouTube)

Jeffree in one of his videos Mocked Huda beauty for stealing the exact concept and photoshoot from an indie brand ( he was talking about BEAUTY BAKERIE! )

He went on to criticize Huda beauty setting powder and said: “ I am gonna use this right now on camera and I REALLY DON’T WANT TO but we are gonna do it anyway!”

Huda stole the idea of an indie brand from photoshoot to the packaging and never acknowledged it which made Jeffree kinda mad about it and harshly roasted Huda for this plagiarism.


This is the most decadent fight between STAR and a huge makeup brand like KYLIE’s. The Feud between these two is a saga!

When Forbes labeled Kylie as the youngest self-made (Ahem Ahem!) billionaire. A dictionary tweeted the definition of SELF-MADE and Jeffree responded to Kylie Jenner.

Dictionary Kylie Jenner

Dictionary – Kylie Jenner (Image: Twitter)

Another incident wherein his video Jeffree called Kylie’s make up brush bag a product of “ toiletry” and Cringed over it by referring it as cheap.

Jaffree Star and Kylie Jenner

Jaffree Star, Jame Charles and Kylie Jenner (Image: Twitter)

Kylie’s cosmetics range is unbelievably expensive! And receives a huge backlash for the same, Jeffree found the fact laughable that KYLIE once tweeted that she fights for the lowest price for her range and to this, he said “What’s there to fight about? IT’S YOUR BRAND!”


Jeffree along with James Charles dragged Victoria’s secret for being “ HOMOPHOBIC”. He said and we quote “Victoria’s secret, hates the trans community”. In addition to this, they shaded the victoria’s secret make up products! Jeffree attacks his haters with Lots and lots of blunt sarcasm and a jar full of drama, and we love it!


We saved the best for the last! People who follow Jeffree are familiar with his tiff with Nikita Dragun.

This fight never fades away!!

Nikita launched her make up palette and OH BOY! Jeffree couldn’t hold himself back from backlashing
she recently launched a product. He tweeted:

Nikita Dragun - Jaffree Star

Nikita Dragun – Jaffree Star (Image: Twitter)

He also mentioned this situation in one of his videos where he said: “ you don’t support me, but you want me, the number one beauty reviewer to support you to help hopefully pay your rent, I don’t F*** with Fake-ass bitches”.

Jeffree star is a self-made beauty guru, He started from nothing to building an empire in the world of beauty! He never sugars coats anything and his disapproval is the most amazing thing to watch whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram or youtube, Star knows how to nail it!


Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case: Mumbai Hospital Dean Says ‘There is No Foul Play in His Death’




Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death has raised many eyebrows and his family members are suspecting foul play. However, time and again Mumbai Police has claimed no foul play and it is contrary to the belief of his friends and family. Now, the dean of Mumbai hospital, who conducted the post-mortem report told Times Now that there is no foul play in his death. He even stated that he cannot decide on this right now because post-mortem has been done and the report is with the forensic department.

Meanwhile, Param Bir Singh, Mumbai Commissioner of Police said in a statement to news agency ANI that the actor was suffering from ‘Bipolar Disorder’ for which he was undergoing treatment and having medicines. ANI tweeted, “It has come to surface that he had bipolar disorder, he was undergoing treatment and taking medicines for it. What circumstances led to his death is the subject of our investigation: Param Bir Singh, Mumbai Commissioner of Police on #SushantSinghRajputDeathCase. (sic)

He even said that so far statements of 56 people have been recorded and all angles are being investigated.

Sushant’s friend Siddharth Pithani spoke to Zoom TV and shared, “She was Sushant’s manager for only a very small time.” Siddharth added that Sushant kept crying the day he learned of Disha’s death. “His sister was there to take of him that time. She fed him, gave him water. His sister came over the day Rhea left. The following day this incident happened, and that affected him so much. He fainted also. His sister and me were in the same room. We all saw how badly it affected him.”

On Monday, IPS officer Vinay Tiwari, who reached Patna to lead Bihar police team probing the case, has been forcibly quarantined by BMC officials. Taking to Twitter, Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey said, “Tiwari reached Mumbai from Patna on official duty to lead the police team there but he has been forcibly quarantined by BMC officials at 11 pm on Sunday. He was not provided accommodation in the IPS mess, despite request, and was staying in a guest house in Goregaon.”

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reacted to it and said, “Whatever happened to him is not right.”

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Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil: “I tried to enter Eurovision once”




Biffy Clyro Simon Neil

Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil has admitted that he once tried to enter the Eurovision Song Contest.

The frontman said he made a bid to enter the contest with his side project Marmaduke Duke.

He told The Sunday Times: “I have another band called Marmaduke Duke, and we did actually try entering Eurovision. You have to dream big.”

Speaking about how he came to love the show after watching it on acid 18 years ago, Neil added: “I wasted an evening watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Eighteen years ago a friend and I took some acid and watched Eurovision, and it was one of the greatest nights of my life.

“The universe opened up to me. I got it, I realised how tongue-in-cheek the whole thing is, and now I waste a night each year watching Eurovision.”

Earlier today (August 3), Biffy Clyro were confirmed to headline next year’s Download Festival alongside Kiss and System Of A Down on June 4-6, 2021

The band also recently shared new track ‘Weird Leisure’ from their forthcoming A Celebration Of Endings’, which is due out on August 14.

It follows the release of previous album tracks ‘Instant History’ and ‘Tiny Indoor Fireworks’.

Speaking about ‘Weird Leisure’ in a recent NME cover feature, Neil said: “That’s a song about one of my oldest friends. He just chose the wrong path and got himself into a really tricky situation where his world closed in. He’d want help and you’d try to help, but then a week later you’re back to square one.

“Fortunately he’s in a good place now and on his way out of the darkness. I love this guy so much, but – fucking hell – he’s put me through some shit.”

To mark the release of ‘A Celebration Of Endings’, Biffy are set to play a special livestreamed show from an unnamed iconic Glasgow venue on August 15.

The livestreamed show comes as the band recently postponed all their planned 2020 tour dates due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Neil also recently revealed that a long-awaited new album from Marmaduke Duke is nearing completion.

The post Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil: “I tried to enter Eurovision once” appeared first on NME Music News, Reviews, Videos, Galleries, Tickets and Blogs | NME.COM.

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Download Festival 2021: WATCH Kiss play Rock And Roll All Nite in 2015 headline slot




Kiss fans will of course remember the legendary performance from 2015 which saw them taking the main stage by storm.

In front of thousands of people at Donington Park, the quartet demanded festival-goers’ attention by playing their biggest hits.

One of the biggest hits of the night was their performance of arguably their best known song – Rock And Roll All Nite – which you can watch at the top of this article.

Gene Simmons took charge of his song and forced viewers to follow along with his incredible vocals, and side-splitting bass riffs.

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