Avengers War Table Debuts The Villain MODOK

The Avengers War Table stream gave more details on the upcoming superhero game from Crystal Dynamics, and opened with a big story reveal that outlined the central villain: MODOK, the superpowered leader of Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) is behind the nefarious plot to frame the Avengers.

As detailed in the new trailer, the protagonist Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel) doesn’t trust the promises of AIM and comes to believe that its leader, George Tarleton is experimenting on humans and framed the Avengers. At one point the trailer also mentions that AIM is looking to cure the “Inhuman infection,” and comic fans may recognize that Kamala herself is an Inhuman.

At one point Tarleton appears to confront Kamala and attempts to recruit her to his side, but she refuses. By the end of the trailer, Tarleton has become the supervillain MODOK, complete with his enormous head and mechanized hovercraft.

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