Battlefield 5 7.1 Patch Coming With Fixes, New Cosmetics

A new update for Battlefield 5 is coming, focused mostly on addressing issues introduced by the big 7.0 update. That one marked the final content update for the game, but DICE will be continuing to support it with maintenance like this, as well as rotating previous in-game events.

According to the patch notes, this will also deliver a “handful of new cosmetics that missed our last update sprint.” There is no planned downtime for this update, so you’ll be able to launch right back into a game as soon as you download it. The patch will be 3.65 GB on PC, 1.26 GB on PS4, and 2.13 GB on Xbox One.

Among the fixes, this patch will address a bug that let the K31/43 fire an extra bullet, fixed the magazine size for the Welrod, and addressed a few odd map exploits and bugs in Provence and Outpost, among others.

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