Best Cheap Gaming Chairs 2020: Budget Chairs That Won’t Break The Bank

There are a number of reasons to add a gaming chair to your setup at home. Yes, they tend to look cooler than the average desk chair, but they also have tangible benefits. Gaming chairs are typically designed for comfort throughout lengthy sessions–whether you’re sitting at your desk working or leaning back to relax while playing your favorite games. They have taller backs to support your head and neck, lumbar support, and some even have footrests. Plus, have we mentioned these racing-style chairs look really cool?

Gaming chairs can get quite pricey, and it might be hard to justify spending $300 to $500 on one of the premium brands; thankfully you can still get a solid and comfortable chair without breaking the bank. We’ve rounded up the best cheap gaming chairs, from traditional rolling chairs to rockers to even a gaming-focused recliner. All of these cheap gaming chairs can be purchased on Amazon, where they have hundreds upon hundreds of highly-rated user reviews. Best of all, every chair on this list is under $200–and several of them are a decent amount less than that.

Benefits of a gaming chair vs. office chair

The main benefit gaming chairs have over regular office chairs is their dedication to ergonomics, particularly lumbar and head/neck support. While a regular swivel office chair may do well for short intervals, gaming chairs are designed for consistent, prolonged use. They generally have thicker cushions and, importantly, extra lumbar and head cushions. If you’re finding that your lower back is sore after sitting in a regular desk chair, a gaming chair is a great option for you.

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