Big Hades Update Out Now–The Final One Before The Game’s 1.0 Launch

Supergiant Games has released a new update for Hades and it’s one of the game’s largest to date. In both the full patch notes and trailer for the update, Supergiant reveals that this will be Hades’ final update in early access–there will be one more follow-up patch “to address any lingering issues” but the next full update will be the official launch of the game.

This latest update adds a boss fight, hidden forms for certain weapons, enemies, mini-bosses, boons, and new types of upgrades to Hades. It also implements new art and visual effects, such as updated character models and animations, as well as more story events to play through. You can see a lot of these additions in the update’s new trailer, which is embedded below.

The patch notes for this latest update are a doozy. We’ve listed out the full notes below for anyone looking to scroll through it all.

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