Billie Eilish received backlash after liking a meme about Ex-One Direction members Zayn Malik

Billie Eilish received backlash after liking a meme about Ex-One Direction members Zayn Malik

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GRILLED FOR NOTHING? Why Twitterati are Backlashing Grammy-winning musician Billie Eilish? What is the Hype about?

The 18-year-old musician liked a meme on Instagram. No big deal right? Well… Social media is a topsy turvy land! Even a tiny action of yours can be lethal, especially if you are “famous”.

So what happened exactly?

She liked a meme on Instagram about Ex-One Direction members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. The post was a clip from the music video for the band’s song & You And I in which Malik’s face changes into Tomlinson’s, captioned: “When you move and the Snapchat filter comes off.” Dedicated and brutally loyal as ever, some fans of Tomlinson and the band, in general, took offense and began tweeting so aggressively about it, that it became a hashtag.

One of her fans on Twitter wrote: “I never thought Billie of all people would be supporting making fun of someone’s appearance.”

A huge chunk of Twitter affronted her for ‘calling him ugly’, But HEY HEY HEY! SHE has fans who came to her rescue! They rubbished the silly backlash in no time.

“Louis is a GROWN ass man married and with a y’all think he cares if an 18yrs old girl likes a post about him supposedly calling him ugly…if he doesn’t care why do y’all,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

Another fan tweeted: “Imagine bullying a beautiful and talented 18 old young woman bc she liked a funny ass meme. I even laughed. Like, come on. Yall are so bored and always wanna cancel someone.” And of course, keeping in mind the current times, a user tweeted: “Y’all trying to cancel Billie for liking a meme? Is quarantine affecting everyone’s head or smth… it is circus time.”

And we couldn’t agree more! People are ready to oppose every action of a celebrity if they find it derogatory, But sometimes this opposition gets a way too brutal! Making a mountain out of molehill has become the most treasured activity of social media users.