Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood DLC Adds 4 Gameplay Objects To Encourage New Combat Strategies

On June 25, Borderlands 3 will get its third campaign expansion, Bounty of Blood. In a GameSpot Play For All interview (which is embedded below), Gearbox creative director Matt Cox talked about four new additions that the DLC will implement into Borderlands 3’s combat loop.

“We wanted to take four gameplay objects and throw them into the combat mix,” Cox said. “So while we still have that core loop going on, we have different avenues of different styles of combat and ways to negotiate all the craziness in Borderlands.”

Each of these four new gameplay objects are designed to encourage the player to tackle combat a little bit differently in Bounty of Blood. “So there’s something called a traitor weed where if you shoot it, it releases these bugs that turn enemies to your side for eight to nine seconds,” Cox said. “And a core-sploder, if you melee it, it will shotgun out high-damage shrapnel. There’s also a breezer, which acts sort of like a jump-pad but it soars you into the air by a puff of air. And then there’s a telezapper, which is essentially a teleporter–it lets the player travel from point A to point B instantaneously.”

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