Borderlands 3 Revenge Of The Cartel Begins Now

The Borderlands 3 new expansion, Revenge of the Cartel, has gone live. With the 80s flair of neon colors and an all-new arch nemesis, Revenge of the Cartel is bringing even more loot to the base game for a limited-time on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The new area will bring in never-before-seen enemy types, limited-time challenges, and new legendary loot. Players will need to complete a number of side-missions to unlock the new Villa Ultraviolet area.

Maurice will be adding some new, repeatable quests to his job board inside Sanctuary III, with each quest zeroing in on Cartel Operatives across the universe. Take enough of the Cartel members down and you’ll unlock Villa Ultraviolet and meet the Cartel crime boss Joey Ultraviolet.

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