Brace yourselves! Mirzapur 2 Release date will be announced Tomorrow!!

Brace yourselves! Mirzapur 2 Release date will be announced Tomorrow!!

“Date announcement ka muharat aagaya hai, kal dawat pe aa ja na.”

 A one-minute video was shared by Amazon, it is revealed that the release date for the hotly anticipated second season of the show will be announced on August 24, at noon.

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed that the official release date of Mirzapur 2 will be announced tomorrow.

Ali Fazal had previously told PTI that the show was originally slated for an April release. “There is a lot more in the new season. The stakes are much higher. My character is very different. It was a bit frustrating playing it this time. Only four or five times you will see the glimpse of what I played in season one,” he’d said.

Ali recently returned to complete dubbing work on the second season. He also shared a picture with several of his cast members, all wearing masks.

“We had dubbed a few episodes before the lockdown so we picked up mid-way. It was great to be back because this has been an unusually long break. We shot for the show long back so it took us some time getting back into the groove,” he said in a statement. “Each actor usually comes individually but the one time we met was when our times clashed. The studios are on point about their hygiene so it allows one artist at a time. So we walked into a pre-sanitized studio. The instructions are given on the other side. Dubbing is a system that was already an isolated job.”

Everyone is thrilled to dive into the kick-ass journey of Mirzapur one more time! Are you?

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