Britney Spears Surprising Fans with an Comeback Single?

Britney Spears Surprising Fans with an Comeback Single?

It has been warned that, between her father’s conservatorship and her overall well-being, Britney Spears might never perform again.

That would be tragic if true, but we of course want whatever is best for Britney.

That said … rumor has it that she’s planning to return to the music world with an impossible-to-miss single that’s dropping very soon.

We have to stress that this does not come from Britney Spears herself.

Britney and Sam
Britney and Sam

(Believe me, if she were speaking to me, you would know it)

We don’t even know whether this rumor was started by her team as a marketing strategy … or if there’s just some bad apple trying to get people’s hopes up.

But the rumor is that Britney is planning a comeback and that she’s going to drop an epic single.

“Britney is back and she wants to be heard,” an unconfirmed tip that we received claims. “My Own Way drops on 05.31.19.”

So, if this iteration of the rumor is true, we’ll know in a week — because May 31 is only one week away.

This could be extremely exciting for millions of Britney fans.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney is an incredible singer, but her comeback singles are always, always the strongest.

Think about the power and impact of songs like “Womanizer” and “Work Bitch.”

If history is any indication, “My Own Way” will be a smash hit.

This would also be welcome news as an indicator that Britney is feeling like herself and eager to keep performing.

We know that Britney is not — and will never be — hurting for cash, so this isn’t about needing a new source of income.

This is about Britney feeling well enough to do what she loves — bringing joy to millions through music.

It’s about her freedom of expression through her career.

Setting aside selfish reasons like our desire to hear another bop from the Queen of Pop, we would love this sign that she’s really, truly okay.

This is so soon after Britney’s release from a mental health facility last week.

So why do we think that there’s even a snowball’s chance in hell that this rumor could be true?

One, she’s a professional. If Arianna can drop “Thank U, Next” weeks after Pete Davidson, Britney can do this without breaking a sweat.

She could have been working on this for weeks. She may even have worked on it while she was in the facility.

(If Paris Hilton prepared for her role in Repo: The Genetic Opera while serving time in prison, Britney can write a song while getting therapy)

Two, this might be just what she’s looking for to reassure fans that all is truly well.

“My Own Way” could very well be a nod to the Free Britney movement started by rumors that her father locked her up against her will.

Certainly, many people are uncomfortable with the level of control that Jamie Spears exercises over his grown adult daughter.

He’s had final say over basically all of her decisions for the past 11 years.

Recently, he’s even filed to extend his conservatorship to other states — Louisiana, Florida, and Hawaii.

There’s much we don’t know about Britney’s life and her true feelings about her situation at the moment.

But there’s one way that she could express all of that: through song.

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