Bugsnax Song Writer Explains How Band Kero Kero Bonito Crafted The PS5 Game’s Catchy Theme Song

Of all the games shown off during the PlayStation 5 reveal event, the one that has stuck in a lot of people’s heads is Bugsnax–not just because of its cute aesthetic or interesting-looking gameplay, but because of its theme song. Aside from all the critters shown off, the trailer’s most prominent bug was an earworm.

The game, which is also coming to PS4 and PC and is developed by Young Horses (Octodad: Dadliest Catch), enlisted indie band Kero Kero Bonito to compose the song. In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, song-writer Gus Lobban has talked about how the catchy tune was written.

The song, which is called It’s Bugsnax!, was recorded from home, and Lobban says that the starting point was “the D-Am chords the song rests on”. There’s a lot of technical discussion in this post, by Lobban also digs into the themes and mood he was going for. “The I-Vm chord change and the Mixolydian mode it implies conjure a ‘lost world’ atmosphere to me,” he says. “Positive, but with a definite note (pun intended) of mystical intrigue, much like Bugsnax itself.”

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