Call of Duty: Mobile getting esports, World Championship 2020 announced

Esports is one of the biggest draws for online multiplayer games, be it mobile or other platforms. Mobile multiplayer games has been a new entrant in the world of Esports. And now Activision and Tencent Games has now announced that Call of Duty: Mobile is getting into esports. This was announced on Twitter in a new tweet. The tweet reads, “Esports is officially coming to Call of Duty: Mobile! Police cars revolving light. Check back soon for more news and specifics. For now, practice up and get ready.” The World Championship 2020, will apparently be presented by Sony.

Besides this there is no other news about the championship right now. The last big update to arrive on Call of Duty: Mobile brought season 4 of the game. The new ranked season brought a lot of changes, a new battle pass, new modes and maps as well. The Meltdown map is live, and there are other customization to look forward to this season.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4: Changes

The new ranked season will run from April 1 to June 1 and has a lot of new improvements. These improvements include new ranked mode seasonal rewards. It also brings all new Industrial Revolution themed weapons & equipment coming to Season 4 Ranked Mode, including Epic weapon Man-o-War, and Epic soldier Ruin. The new Battle pass and season will be called Steel Legion. Lt. Commander David Mason, Code Name: SECTION from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be available. A new high-powered SMG called the GKS is also being added. There’s a new scorestreak called Shock RC being added as well to the game.

There are multiplayer modes being added as well called Gun Game and 2v2 Showdown. Meltdown map is already added like we mentioned. The devs have done a lot of optimizations and weapon balances. Battle royale is getting a new FPP Warfare mode, which is a 20v20 clash using First Person Perspective only.

There will be an Easter Egg Hunt event as well which will bring some changes to the Circus area. Players will have to pay close attention to Eggs laid out on the map, and break them apart. The weapons UL736 LMG and HS2126 Shotgun have been added to the battle royale mode as lootable. All the changes and new additions coming in the future with this update can be checked out here.