Call Of Duty Mobile Launches Crescent Moon Event, New Gun Game Variation

Call Of Duty Mobile‘s fifth season, Steel Legion continues this week with the Crescent Moon event, bringing a stack of new celestial-themed items. A new limited game mode is live now, and Steel Legion season rewards continue through the week.

The Crescent Moon items include Zero’s Sultana skin, The Metallic Mist RUS-79U skin, and a Crescent Moon-themed parachute, wingsuit, backpack, frag grenade and flashbang. Crescent Moon will launch on April 21, though Activision hasn’t specified yet how they’ll be unlocked, with Activision’s blog post instructing players to “jump in the game to learn how to get these themed goods.”

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The intense Free-For-All game mode is available again for a limited time, daring players to test their skills without any backup from a team or partner. Free-For-All is only available until April 23 this time, so get in quick.

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