Call of Duty: Mobile overtakes PUBG Mobile with 250 million downloads

PUBG Mobile has long enjoyed the view from the top of the ladder of smartphone games. It has been sitting on top of the list of the most downloaded games for a while now. But it seems like there is another game which has toppled its position. According to analytics and competitive app intelligence platform Sensor Tower, Call of Duty: Mobile has overtaken PUBG Mobile with most downloads in the first 265 days of launch. Call of Duty: Mobile stands with 250 million downloads during this time. While PUBG Mobile had 236 million, in comparison Fortnite only had 78 million.

To clarify, PUBG Mobile was developed and distributed by Tencent Games. While Call of Duty: Mobile is distributed by Activision-Blizzard and developed by Tencent Games’ Timi Studios. Fortnite is a complete venture from Epic Games, and Tencent Games has a small stake in that company as well. Call of Duty: Mobile was released back in October 1, 2019. And soon started racking up numbers in terms of downloads.

“To date, Call of Duty: Mobile has accumulated close to $327 million in player spending globally. This is 78 percent more than the amount generated by PUBG Mobile worldwide during the same period after it began monetizing in April 2018, and about 83 percent of what was spent in the iOS version of Fortnite in the same duration post-launch.” Writes Sensor Tower in its blog.

“The title has seen an uptick in spending since February, peaking so far in May at approximately $53 million, up 62 percent since January and marking its second best month for revenue ever, just behind its launch month of October 2019 when grossed close to $55 million. The increased player spending has coincided with the worldwide lockdowns implemented amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which have kept many consumers at home for months.”

In terms of revenue, US has contributed the most for Call of Duty: Mobile. The US is at $134 million which is 41 percent of the total. Japan comes in at second while Brazil is third by this metric.