Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass brings new weapons, and characters with a launch trailer

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass brings new weapons, and characters with a launch trailer

Tencent Games and Activision have formally launched Season 6 Battle Pass of Call of Duty Mobile. The game developer shared all the details regarding the battle pass and other in-game events and challenges on the official sub-Reddit. These details come just two days after the developer revealed the details regarding the new update. As part of the Battle Royale pass details, we spotted all the new weapons, characters, skins, and in-game items. In addition, the developer also shared details about multiple in-game events along with a new Battle Pass launch trailer. Let’s check out all the new details regarding the Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 here.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass details

According to the detailed post on the official Call of Duty Mobile sub-Reddit, the developer shared a new trailer. Season 6 comes with the tagline “Once upon a time in Rust” referring to the new Rust map. In addition to the Rust map, we also get a second map called “Saloon”. The Battle Pass also comes with two new characters including “Ghost – Cowboy” and “Seraph – Desperada”. In addition, the Pass also comes with a “legendary” and “Unique” Sniper rifle called, “The Outlaw”. The new Battle Pass along with seasonal events and an updated Credit store landed today. This is in addition to the ongoing World Championship 2020, and new “Capture the Flag: Gold Edition Challenge” challenges.

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All the new modes and challenges are new in addition to the recently launched “Rush Map” challenge, “One Shot One Kill” mode, and 2v2 Showdown mode. The free Battle Pass includes Desert Snake series, Outlaw sniper, Annihilator Operator Skill, and AK117 – Bandit. Moving to the paid version we get the new characters, Outlaw – Heat Stroke sniper weapon, M4LMG, LK23, and MSMC with new skins. The game developer also changed to XP (experience) based progression.

Call of Duty: Mobile to get 'Rust map' soon

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Call of Duty: Mobile to get ‘Rust map’ soon

The new season is also introducing player XP bonus and a secondary bonus for players who manage to find all items in a weapon set through premium crates. Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 will also bring the “Cordite” SMG weapon later in the month. Beyond this, we also get new events UI along with a “Friend Invite” monthly event. Players can invite their friends to the game with the help of “World Chat”, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Line, Facebook, and a direct link. You can check more details regarding the season in the official announcement post.