Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 update out with Rust map

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 update out with Rust map

We have embarked upon a new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 with a new update today. This new update brings a lot of new things and this new season is called Once Upon a Time in Rust. This new update brings a whole new map, new modes, battle pass, new event system and other things. Let’s check out all the details of the new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6: Details

Rust Map

This classic Call of Duty map pulled from the hallowed halls of Modern Warfare 2 is now officially out in Call of Duty: Mobile. This is the featured Multiplayer map for this season, but it is not the only new map. Rust is a perfect example of frenetic, high-octane, close quarters Call of Duty action. If you want to jump into a map where you are never more than a stone throw away from an enemy then Rust is your map.

1v1 Duel Mode and Saloon Map

This brand new mode comes with a new map: Saloon. This map will be available for both 1v1 Duel and 2v2 Showdown, but it is exclusive to these tactical modes that are all about facing off against your opponents in a purely skilled based duel. On the other hand, 1v1 Duel will be available on the maps Saloon and Killhouse. This will go live in mid-May.

Capture the Flag – Gold Edition

The classic Multiplayer mode Capture the Flag is coming to Call of Duty: Mobile this season. However, it will go with the theme of Once Upon a Time in Rust and isn’t going to be like the regular Capture the Flag. Outlaws, prospectors, and regular citizens took to the wild west of the United States in 1800s in the search of one thing, Gold. There is no flag to capture this time, instead you are defending or seeking out a chests of gold. This will be made available in early-May.

Kill Confirmed

This mode is a slight twist on TDM mode and is making its way to Call of Duty: Mobile in this update and with all of the unique designs that make Kill Confirmed one of the longest running Call of Duty modes. For anyone new to the franchise, Kill Confirmed is all about taking out enemies in team vs team action except when an enemy is downed they drop a dog tag. The moment an enemy dog tag is picked up it is scored for your team, but at the same time any member of the enemy team may also walk over their teammates dog tag and remove it from play.

Battle Pass Update

As a part of this new season the devs have changed up the Battle Pass. They have removed tasks and now players will level up the Battle Pass just playing the game. This new flow is apparently designed to make the experience always fulfilling.

Operator Skill – Annihilator

This lethal and stylish revolver from the Black Ops series will allow you to zero in and take out any enemy in one shot as long as you hit them hit them in the upper body.

Call of Duty: Mobile confirms arrival of Rust map by name

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Call of Duty: Mobile confirms arrival of Rust map by name

Battle Royale Class – Poltergeist

This Battle Royale class will give you the drop on any unsuspecting opponents. Hit that cloaking button, go invisible, line up the perfect ambush, and make your shots count. On the other side, Poltergeist can also be used to escape a potentially deadly experience. When you use this class’ main ability you’ll alert nearby enemies. And it isn’t 100 percent effective at close range, so make sure to get your distance as soon as possible.

Tactical Equipment – Cryo Bomb

Halfway through this season a brand-new addition to Multiplayer loadout, the Cryo Bomb, is coming. This will be available through a seasonal challenge. This useful little piece of equipment will explode in an array of frost on any enemies.

The full patch notes can be checked out here.