Call of Duty: Mobile World Championships 2020: All you need to know

Esports is one of the biggest attractions for online multiplayer games, be it mobile or other platforms. Mobile multiplayer games has been a new entrant in the world of Esports. Activision and Tencent Games recently announced that Call of Duty: Mobile is getting into esports. This was announced on Twitter in a new tweet. The tweet reads, “Esports is officially coming to Call of Duty: Mobile! Police cars revolving light. Check back soon for more news and specifics. For now, practice up and get ready.” The World Championship 2020, will apparently be presented by Sony.

In a following tweet the devs have announced the requirements and details of the tournament that will be taking place. There will be two stages for the whole tournament to take place.

World Championships 2020: All you need to know

Stage 1: Open Online Qualifiers – April 30- May 24

The path to the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship global finals begins with four open online qualifiers. Only those above the Veteran rank can participate. Each weekend from April 30 – May 24 UTC, eligible players will have the chance to play to win Call of Duty: Mobile in-game rewards, and (for the best of the best) individually qualify for Stage 2.

For each of the four weekends, once you click “Sign Up” in game, the tournament will go live and the first ten ranked matches you play will earn you tournament points. Tournament points are based on individual wins and your current rank; the higher your rank the more points you receive for a win. If you reach 80 points within the first ten ranked matches in any weekend you qualify on to Stage 2.

Players must compete on an eligible handset and may not use an external device or attachment of any kind that modifies the game’s controls. These include bluetooth controllers, wired controllers, mouse, keyboard, etc. These cannot be used without the express consent of the Administration. Players may not compete using any desktop emulator. The Administration reserves the right to investigate any Player deemed in violation. Players who are found to be in violation may be disqualified from participating in any future Call of Duty Mobile tournaments.

Stage 1 Rewards includes a Registration Reward besides Progression Rewards.

Qualifiers to Stage 2

If you qualify to Stage 2 you will earn an additional in-game reward. Each week the will be giving away a new item so make sure to play each weekend. Stage 2 will require you to form a team out of those players who qualified during Stage 1 and continue to play online matches.