Call of Duty: Warzone has finally found a solution to banish cheaters; here’s what it plans to do

Call of Duty: Warzone has found a solution to take on the cheaters. The battle royale mode of the game has been tarnished by cheaters for sometime now. Developer Infinity Ward has finally come up with a solution and we must say, it is rather interesting. Rather than kicking them out, Infinity Ward wants to corral them together. This could help Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maintain its reputation as one of the best games right now.

Since its release, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has received rave reviews around the world. Earlier this year, developer Infinity Ward added Warzone mode to the game. This is a 150-player battle royale mode built on the “last man standing” formula. The genre has dominated the online multiplayer game segment for the past few years. Call of Duty: Warzone only brought its own unique twists to the category. While it is interesting, it has also been damaged by cheaters.

Here is how Call of Duty: Warzone will banish cheaters

The cheaters on PC have been found to use illegal tactics like aimbots to get an unfair advantage. After months letting them ruin the game, Infinity Ward is cracking down on cheaters. Instead of blocking them altogether, the developer is banishing them to their own unique servers. If the system works properly then Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters will only be able to play with other offenders. This will allow regular players to enjoy the game without worrying about regular offenders on the platform.

If you are a Call of Duty: Warzone player then you must have been waiting for this fix for a long time now. One can only hope that this is not too little and too late. Call of Duty remains immensely popular even a decade after the launch of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. With Warzone, Infinity Ward has given a place for friends to team up and play together. With this new move, the developer is finally looking to protect its playerbase from cheaters.