Call Of Duty: Warzone Player Recreated The Gulag In Fortnite

Fortnite doesn’t have a second-chance mechanic in its battle royale mode, so one player added his own version of the Gulag in the game’s creative mode. It’s just as gross and claustrophobic as it is in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Reddit user and Fortnite designer u/NO-SWEAT-POLICE posted his creation to the Fortnite Creative subreddit, asking players to test the arena out for him. They even included the different variations of the small map.

Fan Made Fortnite Gulag

The Gulag has become a popular addition to the battle royale genre. It gives people one last chance to get back to the action in Verdansk. Players have recreated it in other games, like this Minecraft version, to help simulate the feeling of getting one last chance at survival outside of Call of Duty.

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