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camila cabello - celebland camila cabello - celebland


Camila Cabello, Kendrick Lamar, Holly Carpenter celebland: winners and losers



We praise those who rocked this week in celebland while keeping a watchful eye on those who should just log off forever.

Losers of celebland

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is a loser this week for doing something we all did as kids.

camila cabello - celebland

Camila Cabello – celebland

So you know how Ariana Grande is famous for her long, tight pony tail? Camilla tried to copy it for the VMAs and ended up with a banging headache.

As someone who went to a primary school in Ireland during a nit outbreak, I can identify the relief of taking out a bobbin that has been pulling at your head all day. We’ll ignore the fact that Camila won loads of VMAs and focus on this.

Thank u, next.

John Mayer

John Mayer is a loser this week for kinda getting slammed down by Halsey.

John Mayer - celebland

John Mayer – celebland

John has been trying to slide into the singer’s DMs for a while now, but she has come out to say firmly that she’s not into it, or here for the rumors that they’re dating.

I wouldn’t want rumors that I was dating John Mayer either.

Here are a few examples of his Instagram comments.

Of course, the pair have been conversing since last year, but if I know John Mayer, I feel he won’t be too happy with Halsey’s latest statement on the whole thing.

Well, that’s that.

Winners of celebland

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is generally a brilliant chatshow guest, but she really knocked it out of the park with her latest revelation.

Emma Stone - celebland

Emma Stone – celebland

Her real name isn’t Emma.

Sure, you knew that. Emily Stone changed her name. But her reason is brilliant and very timely.

It’s all because she wanted to be Baby Spice, aka Emma Bunton. Watch her explain to Jimmy Fallon here.

As good a reason as any. How annoyed were you when you found out you couldn’t pick Rihanna for your confirmation name?

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is a winner this week for showing up to Irish boxer Aaron McKenna’s fight in California.

Kendrick Lamar - celebland

Kendrick Lamar – celebland

The rapper took a quick pic with Monaghan’s McKenna in his dressing room pre-fight, after meeting him at a gym. Turns out, Kendrick backed the right side, with McKenna winning by a landslide.

Holly Carpenter

Holly gets a win this week for a response she wrote to someone who made fun of her for describing herself as a ‘brand owner’.

I’ll let her take the floor here.

View this post on Instagram

Now you know hun 💅🏼 I pick a ‘Tweet of the week’ in my Herald column and this week I thought I’d use a snarky remark I found on Twitter after my appearance on Prime Time (the voiceover on the show referred to me as brand owner and former Miss Ireland) – I’ve worked my ass off with @love__lift for almost two years now and although it’s still a new company I’m really proud of it ❤️ when I was modeling I had very little control over what jobs I got to do and although I wouldn’t change a thing, I definitely found it tough at times not having any creative control ✨ coming from a background in modeling & beauty pageants I feel like I have had to prove myself a lot when it came to launching a business. I’ve seen comments like “she probably just rocks up to the shoot and has nothing to do with what goes on” and although that PISSES me off at times all that matters is that I know my worth, I know what I bring to the table and I believe in me. A lot of the girls I modeled with over the years have gone on to build successful brands, create blogs, launch products, write books and I think Irish women are absolutely slaying 👊🏼 let the people who don’t believe in you be your motivation – prove them wrong 🌟 #Rant #TGIF #PositiveVibes #SelfBelief

A post shared by Holly Carpenter (@hollycarpenter) on

Her jewelry and handbag company LoveLift has launched two years ago and is still going strong.


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French Montana and Kenneth Petty’s ex quarantine together on a yacht!



On Quarantine Radio with Tory Lanez this week, the rapper, French Montona revealed that he was holed up in Miami, spending his time on a yacht with a “baddie” by his side.

When asked by Tory how French was staying “corona-free”, the star replied with a close up of his model girlfriend bathing in the sun. According to Bossip, French Montana is with none other than Kenneth Petty’s ex-girlfriend.

This revelation is anticipated to have created a very messy and queer love triangle.

Kenneth Petty, who is currently married to pop-star Nicki Minaj broke up with his ex just a week before he made things official with Nicki. Now, she appears to be moving on with French which why things seem a little too controversial.

The lady in question called Red Bone online has been sharing photos and videos with the same location as French Montana and looks very similar to the woman we see during the Quarantine Radio. It appears that the two are having a great time together.

Now, the question is, will this bring bad blood between the two stars, Nicki and French, who have collaborated in the past?

Leave us your views in the comments.

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Jacqueline Fernandez & Badshah’s ‘Genda Phool’ in trouble: Plagiarism Allegations



Jacqueline Fernandez & Badshah's 'Genda Phool' in trouble: Plagiarism Allegations

Jacqueline Fernandez starer Badshah’s track Genda Phool has reportedly landed in a copyright mess because of the Bengali lines in the track are reportedly from a Bengali folk song written by Ratan Kahar. The Genda Phool song includes lyrics, “Borlok er Bitilo, lomba lomba chul…lal genda phool” from the original folk song Borloker Bitilo. This folk song was originally written by Ratan Kahar, who did not receive due credit for the Genda Phool song. The song also has Bengali folk music and urban music. Although this song is being loved by fans, this copyright issue could be troublesome for the music producers.

According to a media portal’s report, Arghya Bose, a Doctoral researcher in France, wrote to West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee to look into this plagiarism issue.

Amidst the tense coronavirus induced lockdown, singer/rapper Badshah dropped a brand new track titled Genda Phool. This new track features none other than Jacqueline Fernandez in a Bengali avatar. The music video also includes Bengali folk music along with some new urban tunes and sounds.

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#gendaphool OUT NOW!! Link in bio!

A post shared by Jacqueline Fernandez (@jacquelinef143) on

Arghya Bose wrote that in the capacity of a common but responsible citizen of Bengal, he feels obliged and responsible to bring to Madam CM’s notice the exploitation of the poor artist of the state of West Bengal at this level by world-renowned artists. With his initiative, Arghya hopes that Mr. Kahar gets his due credit and material remuneration for his contribution to the song. He further explained and appreciated the West Bengal Government for their respect towards the culture and diversity of Bengal.

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Selena’s Never-Ending Legacy



Today is Selena’s 25th death anniversary and she is still alive in our hearts! The legend started singing at the age of 10 as she accompanied her family band “Selena Y Los Dinos”. Selena has a sturdy fan base and a huge chunk of them constitutes Latinos, who continue to see the Tejano superstar as the quintessence of American pop-culture. Monica Peralta, one of the biggest admirers of Selena has kept Selena’s legacy alive with the help of her Youtube channel where she shows how you can re-structure Selena’s fashionable stage attires.

“I felt that she was very easy for me to connect to because growing up, she was one of the only people that I could really see myself in,” said Peralta, who lives in Paramount, California.

″… She was a young Mexican American Latina who was also struggling with Spanish and just trying to be successful in life.”

Her murder in 1995 by the manager of her fan club, Yolanda SaldÍvar, who is currently serving a life sentence, came just as she was poised to cross over to the English-speaking market.

The Latina community hasn’t forgotten her. Instead, they’ve passed on her music and their fandom like a family heirloom. Another example of this, Roger Gomez of Santa Ana, California, who became a fan when he was 16, after being moved by news coverage of her death. Gomez, now 41, said he sees Selena’s fan base growing “every single day.”

“Now that we’re getting to the age where we have kids and are starting to have grandkids, we’re passing on to that generation the love of her music and everything that we’ve known about Selena throughout the years,” Gomez said.

He created a chat group to speak with other fans, which turned into a website, and eventually fan pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Even after 25 years of her death, Selena still resides in the hearts of thousands of her Latino fans and taste for her music is ever-growing.

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