Candice Swanepoel Bares Her Booty In A Nude String Bikini During Easter Hunt

Candice Swanepoel Bares Her Booty In A Nude String Bikini During Easter Hunt

Candice Swanepoel Bares Her Booty In A Nude String Bikini During Easter Hunt: It’s been 30 years since Helena Christensen romped on the beach with singer Chris Isaak for Herb Ritts’ iconic “Wicked Game” music video. The song, from Isaak’s 1989 Heart Shaped World album, become a major hit when it was featured in the David Lynch film Wild at Heart, but before that, Christensen and Isaak famously starred in Ritts’ black-and-white beachside music video that had them rolling around in the sand in a mega makeout session. The steamy clip was played endlessly on MTV back in the day, and three decades later Christensen is channeling her music video past for her new swimsuit line.

Thee Danish-Peruvian beauty recently recreated her late ’80s beach moves during a photo shoot at the Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Puerto Rico, Page Six reports. Christensen looked stunning as she danced and splashed around in the water to the sexy tune for the launch of the Staerk & Christensen swimwear and accessories line.

Helena Christensen and pal Daniel Benedict were joined by a famous crowd in Puerto Rico, including swimsuit co-designer Camilla Staerk, fellow models Brooke Shields, Malin Akerman, Alexandra Agoston, and Alina Baikova, fashion guru Kate Lanphear, and photographer Chris Colls.

You can see Helena Christensen dancing to “Wicked Game” in 2019 below.

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The website for Stærk & Christensen announced that the first resort collection designed exclusively for Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico will bring “a sense of dark romance to beachwear.” The collection features peplum skirts, bathing suits, and accessories.

Helena Christensen was one of the original supermodels of the 1980s, but her acting appearance in Isaak’s “Wicked Game” video took her to the next level. Christensen’s performance was so convincing that many people thought she and Isaak were really lovers when in real life they barely knew each other.

In a 2015 interview posted by Rock Hall, Isaak credited Christensen’s “great” acting skills for the success of the steamy video. The singer said to this day, people come up to him and ask him who the girl was in the video. Isaak also recalled that while his romp on the beach with Helena Christensen appeared to be romantic, in real life the two were freezing.

“If you look at [Helena’s] body, it has goosebumps on it. They were throwing buckets of cold sea water on us to keep us wet. And there was a little bit of wind, and she was freezing, I mean she was just shivering. When I’m holding her close to me, a lot of times I was just holding her feeling like, ‘you poor thing, hold on to me – you’d be warm at least.’”

Helena Christensen also talked about the unglamorous video shoot in an interview with Glamour. When asked if she was really as covered in sand as it looked as she rolled around on the beach during the “Wicked Game” shoot, Christensen shot down any notions of romanticism.

“To be completely honest, and this might ruin the romantic notion of the video, but my legs were bleeding from the knees and down because I was running on black lava and it was cutting into my skin,” Christensen said. “So, not so glamorous and sexy at all…but who cares—it was worth it!

You can see Helena Christensen and Chris Isaak in the original 1989 “Wicked Game” video below.

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