Catherine: Full Body Gets Three More Voice Options On Switch

The story-driven puzzle game Catherine: Full Body will get additional voice options on Nintendo Switch, Atlas has announced. The “Ideal Voice” DLC will feature three more voices, on top of the originals.

Siliconera reports that the Full Body base game features two voice options–original voice actor Miyuki Sawashiro and “Elegant Yandere” voiced by Mamiko Noto. The Ideal Voice DLC adds another nine for a grand total of 11 voices. The upcoming Switch version includes all the previous DLC, but also adds “Healing Flower” (Kana Hanazawa), “Cheeky Sempai” (Ayana Taketatsu), and “Intelligence Beauty” (Marina Inoue), for a total of 14. Atlas Japan also released trailers teasing the voices.

Catherine was originally released in 2012, but the Full Body remaster released just last September. The Switch version is coming this summer.

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