China Confirms Coronavirus 2.0 Deadlier Than Before!

China Confirms Coronavirus 2.0 Deadlier Than Before!

Whilst the world is still in a crisis due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a new wave of coronvirus has hit China, a wave that is considered to be even deadlier than the erstwhile outbreak of the virus.

The whole world has been fighting coronavirus on the basis of its symptoms of cough, cold, fever and breathing issues which is why this new wave of the virus is even more frightening. This new virus is also seen majorly in Wuhan, China and according to all the scientists THERE ARE NO RECOGNISABLE SYMPTOMS IN THE PATIENTS.

A person suffering from the virus would not realise his own conditions and thus wouldn’t be able to seek help or prevent the spreading of this disease. The scientists are now calling this an asymptomatic disease. This virus will not be detected by the doctors either by simply measuring the temperature and a proper test would have to be conducted.

Even more threatening information about this new and somewhat different coronavirus is that it is being spread by people who had already recovered from the disease and it has already infected about 1541 people in China.

In countries like India, where it is already difficult to recognize symptoms of COVID-19, the damage this new type of coronavirus could cause is beyond imagination.

Countries like USA, Italy and Spain have not been able to recover from the first wave of corona itself, if a second wave strikes, then all the recovered patients would be liabilities which could spread coronavirus in people unknowingly.

The good news seems to be that the world can now be prepared to fight off this virus and take it very seriously from the beginning. According to scientists, this incoming threat can be dealt in two ways only:

Firstly, the countries must not hurry in removing the lockdown unless the number of cases of COVID-19 actually declines.

Secondly, the recovered patients should be tested every couple of days to ensure that they are not infected by the asymptomatic coronavirus.

It is advised that all people should stay indoors and strictly follow the guidelines of social distancing and reach your nearest testing centre if in any doubts.

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