Chris Hemsworth Reveals Why He Named His Daughter “India”

Chris Hemsworth Reveals Why He Named His Daughter “India”

Chris Hemsworth Reveals Why He Named His Daughter “India”: Chris Hemsworth, who has won the role of ‘Thor’, will now be seen in the next film of ‘Man in Black’. Let us say that ‘Man in Black – International’ will be released on June 14. Although recently, Chris is in the limelight for not just his film but for another reason, his daughter’s name is the reason.

Actually Chris’s daughter’s name is India. In such a situation, Chris is in the spotlight due to his daughter’s name. Chris recently disclosed the reason for keeping his daughter’s name India in an interview. 

During an interview with IANS, Chris told his wife Elsa Papki the reason for keeping the daughter’s name India. In the interview, Chris said – My wife has spent time in India for a long time and this is the reason that I have kept the daughter’s name in India.

In the interview, Chris further said about India that not only his wife but also himself like India himself. He told that the experience of shooting here was a little scary but extremely fun. Chris said that he had a stroke like Rockstar during the shoot.

Last year he had come to India to shoot Netflix’s project Dhaka. He shot in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Chris said that after every time the director’s cut was called, the fans whispered loudly to him cheering for him which he liked very much.

During the interview, when asked about working with Chris in Bollywood, he said, “There was something going on in my mind, maybe it could.” It is worth mentioning that the name of the daughter of Jonty Rhodes is also India.

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