Cliff Bleszinski Working On New IP, Not Sure If It’ll Be A Game

Cliff Bleszinski, former Gears of War producer and head of the now-closed studio Boss Key Productions, says he’s keeping busy during the pandemic by making something new. While he isn’t sure what form it will take yet, he does mention that a new game is a possibility.

In a pair of tweets, Bleszinski says he’s “noodling” with a new intellectual property, and that the characters and world he’s crafting somehow revolve around dogs. He said he’s unsure if it will ultimately become a movie, game, graphic novel, or TV series.

Cliff Bleszinski is most known for his work at Epic Games, having been the lead designer on the first trilogy of Gears of War games. When he left Epic in 2012 he said he was stepping away from video games, but he went on to found the independent studio Boss Key Productions in 2014. That studio produced Lawbreakers and, facing financial difficulties, jumped into the battle royale market with Radical Heights just before ultimately closing in 2018.

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