Command And Conquer Remaster Adds Private Game Lobbies In Latest Patch

Command and Conquer Remastered Collection has received a new patch, and it’s added a few key features and a whole heap of tweaks and improvements. The big change is the added ability to host private game lobbies, which should make it easier to arrange multiplayer matches with your friends.

The Remastered Collection, which brings together the original game and its sequel Red Alert plus all their DLC, has tailored this update based on “the continued feedback from the passionate Command & Conquer,” according to a press release. They’ve detailed everything included in the patch in a post on the Command and Conquer Reddit page.

Bugs have been squashed in this update too, and a stuttering issue has been addressed, although this may have led to slightly longer load times. The post also warns that the update might have invalidated some mods, and modders will need to update their work to make sure it is still compatible.

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