Command And Conquer Remastered Collection’s Latest Update Adds LAN Play

Command and Conquer Remastered Collection has received a major new patch, adding a much-requested feature to the game. From today, the game supports LAN play, so you can gather together with friends and all play together in one location. This is a feature from the original Command and Conquer games, so it’s good to have it back.

Of course, if you’re planning a LAN party, you’ll want to make sure that you practice social distancing and adhere to local laws and common-sense rules regarding gatherings.

The officially implemented LAN play feature lets you use mods in multiplayer, and will allow fans to enjoy the game’s multiplayer in the future should the online play ever shut down. “Given the variety of ways people could play over VPN and with mods, we expect there still to be some quirks in the system,” the patch post on Reddit explains.. “Please continue to provide feedback so we can make any refinements going forward.”

This follows the recent addition of private lobbies, meaning that since release it’s gotten much easier to play with friends.

The update also includes adjustments to balance, and a few changes have been made to Community maps. The devs warn that previous mods may need to be updated to make them work with the latest version of the game, although it’s not too complicated a process to do so.

The Reddit post contains the full and detailed patch notes, and they’re worth a look if you want to know every single balance change made.

Command and Conquer originally launched in 1995.