Cosplay model Liz Katz flaunts cleavage in costume inspired by Harley Quinn’s “Birds of Prey” look

Cosplay model Liz Katz flaunts cleavage in costume inspired by Harley Quinn’s “Birds of Prey” look

Cosplay model Liz Katz flaunts cleavage in a costume inspired by Harley Quinn’s “Birds of Prey” look: Cosplay model Liz Katz showed Harley Quinn’s new look in the Birds of Prey movie a little love with her latest costume creation. The social media sensation also had something to say to the former object of Harley’s obsession, “Mista J.”

On Sunday, Liz took to Instagram to show off her take on one of the looks that actress Margot Robbie wears in Birds of Prey. In the film, Margot’s version of Harley sheds the image she created while she was the Joker’s sidekick, trading her signature red and blue hot pants and “Daddy’s Lil Monster” T-shirt for a variety of neon ensembles. These include a pair of shiny yellow overalls with an allover gold diamond print and a zipper front. Harley wears them over a bright pink sports bra.

Liz appeared to be wearing one of the replicas of the movie overalls that are already being sold. She had the garment’s zipper pulled down to her waist to leave her pink velour top exposed. However, her voluptuous bust had the starring role in her photo. Liz was leaning over to make sure that her chest was front and center, and her top’s low neckline put a generous amount of her cleavage on full display.

Because Liz’s photo was a closeup shot, little of her costume could be seen. However, she was showing off her Harley-inspired jewelry, which included multiple thick silver chain necklaces. One of them was a charm necklace. Its charms included a fishhook, drink can tab, pill, and bone-shaped dog tag.

Harley sports shorter hair in Birds of Prey, but Liz left her blond locks long for her photoshoot. She styled them in voluminous pigtails. Her makeup application included a smokey eye and a glossy lip that was almost the same shade of pink as her top. Liz struck a silly pose with her tongue sticking out and her eyes raised towards the ceiling.

In the caption of her post, Liz wrote that she was showing the Joker what he was missing.

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Mista J doesn’t know what he’s missing #harleyquinn

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Over the span of a few hours, Liz’s photo racked up over 58,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“It’s my bday today so thanks for this gift!!!” read one response to her post.

“Love your cosplay!!!” wrote another fan of her look.

“I think you just showed everyone what they are missing,” a third admirer remarked.

This isn’t the first time Liz has dressed up as Harley Quinn. As previously reported, she’s worn an exact replica of the look that the character rocks in Suicide Squad, and she’s sported a costume inspired by the original Harley from Batman: The Animated Series.