Could Offset go to jail for breaking a teen’s phone?: In the six years that the Migos have been in the national spotlight, Offset has frequently been in serious legal peril. Back in 2013, when the group broke thanks to their mixtape Y.R.N. (Young Rich Niggas) and to Drake’s remix of their single “Versace,” he was incarcerated, having violated the probation that stemmed from previous theft and burglary charges. Two years later, while the group was preparing to release its first major label album, he was arrested during a concert at Georgia Southern University and charged with a variety of offenses stemming from items found in a vehicle associated with the group; he spent more than half of that calendar year behind bars. Now, a petty and reckless legal action once again threatens his freedom.

A little over a week ago, an 18-year-old from Georgia named Junior Gibbons uploaded a 30-second clip to YouTube. The name of the video is “offset smacked my phone out my hand,” and that’s exactly what it shows: during a chance encounter at a Target in Sandy Springs, Gibbons began filming Offset without his permission, and the rapper slapped the phone out of Junior’s hand. The action did not destroy the phone — the YouTube post is a video archived from Gibbons’s Snapchat, so the device survived at least long enough to make the upload. And he captioned the encounter with two crying emojis which seems to indicate he found the whole thing, which he repeated and slowed down into mocking slow-motion, sort of amusing.

At least at first. Three days after the upload, Junior’s mom tweeted indignantly at Offset about the rapper breaking her son’s phone. And a week ago, Junior Gibbons filed a police report. Because phones are expensive, the estimated value ($800) kicks the charge up to felony territory; given that, a warrant has been issued for Offset’s arrest, TMZ reports. Offset’s lawyer, Drew Findling, tells TMZ the charge is “disgraceful and should be dismissed immediately,” claiming the alleged victim is merely seeking publicity.

This latest apparent offense piles on top of three new charges filed against Offset last month stemming from an arrest last summer in Georgia when the rapper was pulled over for making an improper lane change. He’s been hit for that incident with a felony gun possession charge, plus two misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession and the traffic violation; he’s pleaded not guilty in that case. Making matters worse, his wife Cardi B is facing a year in prison for allegedly assaulting two bartenders at a strip club in Queens last year.

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