Covid-19: Italy Has Highest 18,279 Deaths In The World

Covid-19: Italy Has Highest 18,279 Deaths In The World

Deaths from the Coronavirus epidemic have risen to 18,279, the highest world. In the last 24 hours, 610 people died in Italy.

Giving information, the Civil Protection Agency said, with the decline in the number of patients in the ICU, the pressure on the country’s hospitals is steadily reducing.

In a report of their local newspaper, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Thursday called on business leaders and labor leaders to discuss when the waiver of restrictions imposed nationwide will be introduced to stop the spread of the epidemic. Held a teleconference with.

The lockdown is in force till April 13 in the country but is likely to remain closed further. The BBC quoted Conte as saying that we have to choose the sectors which can start their operations.

If scientists confirm this, then we can already take some measures by the end of this month.

However, the final decision on when and how to reopen the economy will be taken by the Scientific-Technical Council advising the government at the time of the current crisis.

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