Cremation Vs. Burial : What Is The Need Of The Hour?

Cremation Vs. Burial : What Is The Need Of The Hour?

The pandemic of COVID-19 has opened a can of worms. Not just the pandemic itself but the repercussions of it are also extreme! A new problem has caught the attention of many people and is bothering everyone as it is directly related to the beliefs and faith. 

The issue of dealing with dead bodies is going out of control. There is a massive number of coronavirus cases that the world has witnessed (937,941) and 47,273 deaths until now and this number will swell! The decisions for dealing with the dead bodies are brutal for some religious groups as there is no or very little space left for burying the dead bodies, so some countries have opted for the last resort, that is burning the corpses as it will solve the problem of lack of burying space. However, this solution has seen immense resistance and it is understandable because people are connected to their religions in many aspects and averting the beliefs in this hasty situation is not possible for many. 

Whenever there’s a pandemic, WHO issues guidelines on how the dead bodies must be dealt with. This is called bio-safety level and WHO has kept COVID-19  under the BSL-3 category! Yes, the dead body doesn’t sneeze or cough but the fluids of a dead body are equally dangerous and following safety measures and guidelines while handling dead bodies is requisite in this dreadful situation. The WHO has also stressed on the detail that the people dealing with the dead body’s disposal must be well trained.

Significantly, the professionals handling the dead body must possess surgical masks and gloves as well!

The policy introduced in the UK about the cremation of dead bodies became highly antagonized as the muslims and jews were not ready to adopt this practice for their loved ones and ultimately it had to be altered and some changes were made and now the disposal of the dead body is completely up to the will of the family members, they can bury the corpse or can cremate it as well.

But the Italian crisis has not shown any mercy on the people. According to the reports, many people were reduced to ashes as the urgent situation did not allow any religious or emotional sentiment to create tribulations. In some cases, the dead bodies were not even put inside the coffins because of the shortage of them and were hastily zipped inside body bags before being cremated. 

The world is in a catastrophic position, the professionals are working day and night to halt the crisis somehow. Nonetheless, the trouble is taking a gigantic form and we can only combat this with following the guidelines and scientific solutions. If it requires we might have to suppress religious sentiments and pursue the most beneficial alternative.

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