Cris Tales Isn’t Shy About Its Chrono Trigger Influences, But It Has New Ideas Too

Revealed at E3 2019, Cris Tales is a time-bending 2D tribute to classic Japanese role-playing games. In a similar vein to Chrono Trigger and Radiant Historia, Cris Tales brings together a cast of young heroes as they travel the world and explore three distinct time periods in the past, present, and the future. It leans heavily into time-manipulation gameplay by allowing you to explore and interact with characters across different eras in real-time, which results in various consequences, expected and otherwise, in your adventure ahead.

A free demo of the opening hour of Cris Tales is available now on Steam, but we had the chance to get an early look at the game’s next major story event set in the walled city of St. Clarity. From here, we got to see how in-depth the game’s time-travel gameplay can get. In addition to storylines and side-quests that can bend and alter with your actions, protagonist Crissbell can also manipulate the flow of time in battle, allowing her to amplify attacks and weaken foes with the use of her time crystals.

Speaking with GameSpot, Modus Games executive vice president of production Derek Neal and Dreams Uncorporated studio head Carlos Roca Silva explained what went into the making of Cris Tales.

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