Crysis Remastered On Switch–The Digital Foundry Verdict Is In, And It’s Good

Crysis Remastered is coming to Switch very soon–its release date is set for July 23, despite the other versions being delayed–and many fans have been curious about how the game will run on the system. Crysis is a famously CPU-intensive game, and this represents the first mobile or handheld port the game has received. Considering that “Can It Run Crysis?” has become a meme in games culture, it’s more than reasonable to be curious.

Thankfully, tech specialists Digital Foundry are here with a tech review on the latest in a line of what they are calling the Switch’s “impossible” ports (previous examples include The Witcher 3 and Wolfenstein II). The verdict is in, and it’s mostly good news–the game looks and performs very well on the system.

The port has been handled by Saber Interactive, who previously handled the ports of The Witcher 3 and Vampyr. They’ve been very upfront about the tech running the game on Switch, and released a tech trailer showing off what it could do–and now Digital Foundry has dug in even deeper into what they call “a remarkable, fascinating port.”

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